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Meet Maciej Stanek

Check the transcript of the video here:

Hello, I’m Maciej Stanek, senior Financial Advisor and Director at Veurr. I’ve had more than 15 years experience in the finance industry. Today, I’d like to tell you a little bit about what we believe in at Veurr.

What does Veurr mean? The name Veurr is derived from Old Norse and it means protector and guide. This is our mission, to protect and guide you, and it means a lot to me as it is linked to my own personal values. I want you, my clients to feel confident and safe that I will be looking after your financial security while also providing education to help you achieve financial freedom. This mindset is different from what I experienced early on in my career. Let me share a little bit about that experience. When I first started in financial planning, I worked for one of the major banks. A typical conversation between a bank client and myself would be, “How are you mam, sir? What would you like to achieve when you finish working?” We would talk about their goals and their aspirations, travel, spare time, what dream cars they wanted to have. Everyone would be quite excited by this part of the conversation. And we would then write a big list of all the different things they wanted and figure out the cost of this type of post-working lifestyle.

Then I’d ask my client to share with me what they had done so far. For instance, “How much have you accumulated in income producing asset? Have you cleared all of your debts? Do you own your own home?”

All of these factors come into play to help somebody live a comfortable retirement lifestyle. And when I worked in the banking system, we would target a lot of clients who were nearing retirement, so maybe five, 10 years from that dream date. In a lot of instances, they had not been educated throughout their lives on how best to manage their money. They had not been guided, they had not been protected, they had not been told of other potential strategies they could be using to help them achieve their goal. There was usually a disconnect between what was achievable within the timeframe before retirement and what they actually could achieve. I left the bank and ended up working for a super fund and found that they treated their clients exactly the same way.

Now, for me personally, that does not gel with who I am. And why I do this? I really want to help people. And to me, the greatest satisfaction I can achieve from a job well done is when my client turns on and says, “You know what? Because of all the advice, because of the guidance, because of your help along the way, I actually got there.”

So, we really wanted to create a service where we have these conversations a lot sooner than age 50 or 55. That’s the mission of Veurr. Managing cash flow, saving, small investments, because we believe that with the right guidance, with our help, you can achieve financial freedom, especially if you know what that means for you and you’re clear about your goals. This is in line with my values and this is what I would like to share with every single one of my clients. Thank you.